Despite being the base version of the Model X, you actually have plenty of standard equipment that makes this electric SUV a value-packed purchase.

Perhaps base is a misnomer for this model because there aren’t a lot of optional extras in the first place.

The Tesla Model X first came out in 2015, and then it received a facelift together with the Model X in 2021.

Due to its commonality these days, the Model X doesn’t anymore have a novelty factor just as it did when it first came out, but if it came out in 2024 with its current appearance, we’d argue that it would fit just right with current design trends.

It’s a testament to how Tesla’s design in the mid-2010s was so advanced, though the Model X is less successful in terms of its hatchback-like jellybean proportions versus the Model S.

On the upside, that shape is what leads to a drag coefficient of just 0.24 Cd, one of the best for any crossover SUV, period.