Tesla is trying to make its flagship duo, consisting of the Model S and Model X, more attractive with a new paint color to boost weakening sales.

Let's recall that during the third quarter, global deliveries of the Model S and Model X were down by 14 percent year-over-year at 15,985.

The nine-month result for 2023 is also in the red at 45,905 (down 7 percent year-over-year). In its best years, Tesla was selling about 100,000 units a year.

One of the solutions to make the Model S/Model X duo more attractive is the addition of new paint colors.

In March, the company introduced a new Ultra Red paint color and initially charged $3,000 for it.

Tesla says that it's now available for the Model S and Model X in North America and Asia. Interestingly, Europe was not mentioned (despite all the cars coming from the same factory).