Bowlus is a high-end trailer manufacturer that brands itself as the “first all-electric RV company,” and it recently

tested to see how far a Tesla Cybertruck and a Model X could pull one of its Volterra trailers specifically designed for EVs.

Surprisingly, even though the Cybertruck has a slightly longer range than the Model X, as well as more towing capacity, it was the latter that achieved the greatest towing range.

The vehicles they used for the test were a Tesla Cybertruck Dual Motor Foundation Series. It has an EPA range of 340 miles, while the Model X is rated

at 310 miles if it’s the Long Range model or 326 miles if it’s a Plaid—we’ve reached out to Bowlus and we’ll update the article when we hear back; it listed the Model X’s range as 330 miles for this test without specifying which variant was used.

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