Tesla's approach when it comes to vehicle interiors is to go for minimalism as much as possible, reducing the number of buttons and controls to a minimum and adopting an uncluttered look.

While many customers appreciate that, there are some who voice their dissatisfaction every time

Tesla removes some traditional element from the cabin, such as the replacement of turn signal stalks with steering wheel buttons on the facelifted Model 3, to name the most recent example.

Most people either love or hate that approach, and those from the second category are free to pick EVs that have more traditional interiors.

But what do you do if you like your Tesla too much yet can't stand using the central touchscreen to access pretty much every vehicle function?

Well, one button-loving Chinese owner took the matter into his own hands and modified the interior of his Tesla Model Y to accommodate a panel of physical buttons that provide quicker access to some of the vehicle's essential functions.