Owning a Tesla for a year sounds like a good financial idea, but it's rare for an American new car buyer to just keep it for a year.

iSeeCars has yet again data for how long an American keeps a brand-new car, which currently stands at 8.4 years.

The bad news in this list is that all the top 25 cars consist of ICE-powered cars and none are electric.

This means that, while data for long-term EV ownership is still scarce, data regarding an EV's five-year ownership already exists in the market today--also from iSeeCars.

while the Nissan Leaf will lose its value by 50.8 percent--higher than the two Teslas. Still, while the two Teslas depreciate more than the industry average and even compared to

several ICE cars, these two represent the best resale values when it comes to EVs. So if you're in it for the long term in owning an EV, then your best bet will be one made by Tesla.